Comprehensive labelling for power industry

Pressed aluminium plates


If you are looking for labelling that will always remain legible and corrosionresistant regardless of time and place, we have a perfect solution for you. Our plates are made of highquality aluminium sheet protected with a chrome layer on both sides. Additionally, unlike standard plates, symbols and letters on our boards are embossed and covered with weather-proof paint. This technology enables us to prepare plates which are more legible and can adjust to the shape of the surface.

Engraved laminated plates


These products are made in a laser engraving process, using highquality laminates resistant to weather conditions and UV light. With this technology we manufacture boards with great precision (accuracy of 0.1 mm). Moreover, you can use these plates both indoor and outdoor.

PVC laminated boards


High-quality printing on PVC sheets of thickness from 1 to 5 mm. Additionally, the top layer is protected with a high-quality laminate. That makes the boards resistant to mechanical damage and UV light.

Plates for cable labelling


Laser engraving is used here as a marking method. This means that the number of characters is not limited to one row only. It keeps a high resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage.

Warning boards


These boards are manufactured with a screen printing technique using special paint that is resistance to weather conditions. This method allows to produce boards of high quality and resistant to weather conditions.