manufacturer of permanent signs

We are a production and trade company specialising in the manufacture of embossed energy infrastructure information signs and markers, specialised installation structures and electronic marking systems.

Standard-compliant energy information signs

We manufacture permanent information signs compliant with the newest norms issued by energy companies. We ensure top production quality.


Allows independent marking of an energy infrastructure component – without the need to report and order dedicated signs. Guaranteed to save time and resources!

ESS – The Electronic Sign System

The ESS, the Electronic Sign System, allows precision identification of objects using RFID or QR code markings. Quick, flawless and precise!

Installation structures and additional equipment

We offer a broad range of structures and equipment that allow for simple and easy installation of the ordered signs on energy system infrastructure components.

About us

We operate since 1996, constantly evolving and expanding our offer range.

We approach every customer individually, we ensure particular attention to timely order execution. We make every effort for our products to conform to quality requirements. Thanks to such an approach, we can boast numerous positive references and cooperation with public authorities not only in Poland, but also abroad.

Our greatest asset our people – our experienced and professional team is the guarantee of the quality of the products we manufacture.



Standard-compliant safety signs

We manufacture safety signs compliant with the standard PN-E 08501:1988 on electric system markings.

tabliczki ostrzegawcze elektryczne